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just a question [23 Nov 2008|11:17pm]

Hello, I listen to Vanilla Sky since last year, and I love them soooo much :) I'm from Hungary and I hope they can come here next year, but you know here they not really well-known. Anyway, I just have a question. Does anyone know anything about their new CD?
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hey all =) [20 Mar 2005|03:12pm]

hi, im new! it was lovely to find the community of VS!!!
i love em soo much♥♥♥
im from japan, too. i went to their show in Osaka! it was totally awesum!!!
i wished Forty Winks had been there, too.
yeah, forty winks did the show only in Tokyo. :'(
but i will visit Italy and join their show someday!
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Hi everyone! [21 Jan 2005|10:54pm]

Hey everyone! :)

Just searched for "3 feet smaller", my favourite band (first 'cause they're from Austria like me and second 'cause they make great music)

I haven't heard so much from "Vanilla Sky" (of course I've heard of the movie ^^), but it seems to be very interesting. :)
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Vote for VS and My Own Rush [29 Nov 2004|04:40am]

Okay, so I'm sure no one will post here. That is fine, because this is gonna be my Livejournal. lol just kidding. hmm I think I should spread the word. go me.

Well... sad news. As you probably already know, MxPx have cancelled their European tour. Vanilla Sky were gonna be supporting them in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France but they are not going to play with MxPx... Oh well.
And "Play It If You Can't Say It" will be coming out on December 10th, aww can't wait.

I got an email from Mike, the drummer of the Italian band My Own Rush, that says he would like us to vote for them at The Blue Arrow 2004! A lot of good bands are on the awards as well, there are also some bands that I've never heard, though. Anyways, the site is all written in Italian but probably you can vote even if you can't read Italian! For example, to vote for My Own Rush for "Best Demo/CD 2004 in Italy" send an email to passionealternativa@virgilio.it and write "Miglior Demo 2004" "My Own Rush" "All Of Your Whispers". it's okay I think. So go vote everyone! for Vanilla Sky and other bands! YAY! Oh and don't forget to check out My Own Rush!
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Welcome! [17 Nov 2004|02:05am]

Hey everyone!
This is the first ever community for the band Vanilla Sky on LJ, so let's talk about Vanilla and other cool Italian bands. I'll appreciate it if you join =) HAVE FUN!

PS: sorry I dont understand Italian, so please write in English. or Japanese :p

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