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Welcome to the Vanilla Sky LiveJournal Community!

Brian - Vocals, Guitar
Vinx - Vocals, Guitar
Cisco - Bass, Backing Vocals
Luka - Drums, Backing Vocals

This is the first LJ community for the Italian band, Vanilla Sky.
Feel free to post pictures, your thoughts, your love for VS, whatever.
But please use an lj-cut if you're posting a large picture or a long post.
Also, you can talk about other Italian bands(like Forty Winks, Friday Star,
Meanwhile, BeerBong, Madbones, Strength Approach, etc etc) here,
because there are no communities for them on LJ I think.
No bashing/spamming, this community is for all the VS fans. Join and have fun!

Maintainer - Chinami xx_moshimoshi

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Vinx's Eljay - vanillaskyrock